Can't duplicate or add new frames?

Hey, I’m new and I got this account on this website because I am having issues with Pencil2d. For some reason, when I try to press the duplicate button or add new frame button near the frames, it won’t work. I’m not entirely sure when the onion skin is on and off.

Any help with this and I will be extremely grateful!

Hi Isabella

That sounds odd, what version of Pencil2D are you using? did you grab the nightly build or are you using the old 0.5.4 beta?

In case you’re not using the latest nightly build, get it here and see if it still causes problems:

@ij123 Hi Isabella, as CandyFace said on his previous post please try to make sure you are using the latest version available for the software which you can download on that link or access on the front page of this website.

Also for future reference, when you want to let us know about an issue you’re having with the application it would be best if you’d be able to let us know which version of the software you are using, as well as which operating system you have installed (Windows, MAC OSX, Linux).

Once you’ve tried the latest version as CandyFace suggested, please let us know if your issue continues so we can report this. For now we’ll be pending confirmation on this matter.