Can't create videos with projects created with v0.5.4


We have a bunch of animations made with 0.5.4. Now we discovered and are happy seeing the project alive. We tried to export videos from the animations made with 0.5.4 but simply pencil does nothing. Then we checked a new animation created with from scratch exports as expected to mp4 and gif.

So, is there any compatibility problem with projects created with 0.5.4?

Using Fedora 26 and ffmpeg-3.3.7-1.fc26.x86_64.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @olea

Can you elaborate on “but simply pencil does nothing”
Are you able to export the movie with success but there’s no file generated or you can’t get to export it at all?

There should be no compatibility issue between 0.5.4 and

If possible, share the project you’re having trouble with, then i’ll look into why it’s not working as expected.

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Check this screencast:


We didn’t checked all our projects but this is an example:

Thanks for your attention.

Okay so the problem here is that there’s no camera attached to the timeline so the exporter doesn’t know what to export.

In 0.5.4 you could delete the camera layer but it was still required to export a movie if I recall correctly.

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I added the camera layer and now works!

Lots of thanks :slight_smile: Mimikyu 007 will be very happy creating videos with Pencil2D :slight_smile:

@olea Please don’t forget to have multiple backup /archive copies of the project files that you are working on. In the older version of Pencil2D there used to be a nasty bug refered to as the “crash-wipe /silent-wipe” bug, which would mess your files really bad. This has been fixed lately as best as possible but still some issues remain and for some people there’s still a saving bug that corrupt the file, this happens particularly when the saving operation is interrupted, but also some people using Windows 10 have the same issue after an update that microsoft rolled a few months ago. This issue has also been improve on the latest experimental builds, but still it never hurts to have backup copies handy in case anything fails.

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We are using Linux OS’s, but thanks very much for the tip!