So I was looking through the old threads, about road maps for Pencil, etc., and one of the things people suggested was that there should be more animations to show off what it can do. So I took that as inspiration to practice some more animating, as well as to test out the latest nightly build.

I’ve been working through “Elemental Magic”, a book on 2D special effects, so I thought I’d try out a candle reacting to wind turbulence, then being blown out.

Here’s the pencil sketch so far.

I’m hoping to colour it and add a sound effect.


I like it. A few things I noticed though is that in the section just before the flame is blown out, there seem to be some missing frames, hence it feels like the flames are stuttering. Just needs a few more frames on that section, rest all seems good. Hope to see the full animation.

Thanks for the feedback, I think I see what you mean. I’ll see what I can do.

Colouring is done. Also tried out some compositing with Blender - although it was painful at times, I learned a lot.


@neeby Hey that’s looking pretty nice! Congratulations and great work!

Thank you!

very cool!

This is just brilliant!!.. the light effect of the candle is just spot on


Amazing work man. Keep it up