Can you use drawing tablets in pencil2d?

I am thinking about getting a drawing tablet, but I probably won’t get one if they are not compatible with p2D

@Milo_Harris Hi. Basically there are various Pen Tablet brands that are compatible with most drawing software, including Pencil2D, such as:

  • XP-PEN
  • UGEE
  • There might be others that are compatible but we don’t have more statistics or reports

As long as you purchase any newer model (2019 onwards), keep the drivers and OS updated, you should not have any issue (though we can’t claim that it will always be 100% bug free; we simply can’t know if something will break without our knowledge over time :thinking: ).

That said there are a few known troubles for any pen tablet working under Windows 10 (it’s not a Pencil2D specific issue but a windows issue) The issue boils down to being forced to either configure Windows Ink (Microsoft’s recommended way), or force enable tablet driver contraptions provided by the manufacturers to disable windows ink.

In case you run into any of these problems when and if you ever buy any tablet you can read the following reply / guide for Win10:

Thank you! I was planning on getting HUION, so this is great!

@Milo_Harris Hi ! I have a Huion Camvas 16 Pro and it works nicely with Pencil2D, the only issue I noticed is that the pen & cursor is way offset if you go really near the edges of the screen, it’s a little bit annyoing and it must be some Huion driver issue but I don’t know if it can be resolved. Running Windows 10 here.

@manu Hey. Well screen tablet offset issues are unfortunately related to the device rather than the software.

If your drivers allow it calibrate the screen tablet, and if you want to be really careful try using an application profile. Are you sure it’s Pencil2D the one causing your specific issue? I ask this because when I search for this issue on google results like this come up

As I read the replies and notice the same pattern; it’s a problem with the device. I’m not sure if HUION allows for calibration, but at least WACOM and XP-PEN come bundled with calibration software to compensate for the parallax created by the drawing surface thickness & depth.

Edit: From the manual on the web I found this:

3.7 CalibrationScreen Calibration:
Click the red point of the cross center appearing on the screento complete the calibration.
Restore Factory Settings: Click “Restore Default” to restore to the factory settings.
Cancel Calibration: Click"Cancel calibration” or press ESC on the keyboard to cancelthe calibration.

:+1: Thanks Jose for the links, I will try to see if they can help me minimizing the problem.

As you say it’s not Pencil2D that makes this happen it’s a general issue. It’s probably down to the quality of the build or the technology inside it, it’s a laminated screen so I feel there is not so much distance between the pen tip and cursor in that aspect, Anyway maybe the driver isn’t capable of fixing/compensating for the problem if it stems from the build.

I knew before not buying a Wacom that I will have to live with some sacrifice. I googled XP Pen and Huion a lot before I did my purchase but in the end it was a flip of a coin that made the decision between those two :slight_smile: for me they seem very similar. I think I remember reading about this offset issue also before I made the purchase, and I think I read XP Pen had same issues.

You can calibrate the screen, and it helps. Sometimes you have to do it maybe twice in a row but often only one time is enough.

Just so it doesn’t scare someone off, the offset is not as bad at it sounds, the offset is only near the edges of the screen let’s say maybe the last 10-15 mm before you reach the edge there you will see the problem. 99 % of the time I don’t notice it because I’m drawing around the center of the screen anyway and I’m panning when needed. Clicking on menus and buttons is where I notice it more.

Anyway this is what you will get with a cheaper tablet, but I got this for about 350€ so for that price I can’t say I regret it, it made drawing a lot easier for me.

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