[BUG ?] Camera SIze

Pencil2D always opens with the Camera size at 640/480 (default)
Adding a save-canvas-size feature as enhancement.

I have a problem where once I save my work and then reopen it later the camera jiggles around. If my character is standing and then running, later after I reopen it, it makes my guy almost look like he’s jumping every other second. It keeps jiggling the camera around with out me doing it. How do I stop this?

@awesomekitten To be able to pinpoint the problem and assist you please let us know the following:

1) Which version of the program you have.

To learn which version of the software you are using, in Pencil2D go to Help > About

2) Which operative system you are using (i.e Windows 7, Mac OSX Leopard, etc).

We’ll be pending for your response but meanwhile you answer also try to see if your Camera Layer has any squares (keyframes) on it after you reopen. If it does please delete every one of them except for the first square.