Bucket Tool How-To & Behaviour Change Request

Hello everyone, i’ve recently discovered in a visual way how does the bucket tool works, but still i would like to propose a request for some changes, but i’ll do that in the proper forum, for now have a look at this kind of video tutorial i did, hopefully it will help the new users and also ourselves to better understand this part of Pencil.

My apologies if this subject does not go in this forum. Cheers!

@morr : hehe, that’s so fun you made a video :slight_smile:
Don’t apologize, it’s perfect here in the forums !!

This sure is quite weird… I agree that it should only fill a selection (or a closed shape). I’m wondering if this actual behaviour is a bug or a feature that was in developpement.

Well, thanks for the vid, thanks for the testing, and see ya, Jose !

Haha thanks i was kind of nervous lol, i was testing the previous pencil version a bit ago and it does the same thing, something to bear in mind is that perhaps they tried to keep the raster fill “contained” in the original code, since you have this “limitless canvas” if the fill tool would work say like photoshop it would fill the “whole” canvas, and that would result in an infinite loop or color-filling that would crash the software.

Nevertheless i think it would be better if we could choose where we want to fill, be it by using the marquee tool (and in the future a lasso tool), by the actual “past-partout” that the camera layer projects, or when you make a closed raster shape (like a rectangle or a circle), pretty much like when you use it in the vector layer, this might be achieved by using the “tolerance” as seen in other raster based software packages but only recognizing if theres bitmap information in the tolerance area, im not a programmer! but i used to be one so i kind have the thoughts of the pseudo-code haha.

Anyway thanks for the feedback i’ll try to post videos of how to use the software in a better way and stuff, when i have time! and i already registered to the github so ill try to post bugs that are not duplicated to save time :slight_smile: thanks!

You have been a Big help around here since you came. And that is very good. Congratulations!

By the way, I love your video. It explains very well that weird thing… and from now on we are all aware how it should be handled. :slight_smile:

Keep the good work!

How can we embed a video in our comments?