Brush Tool Problem-Please Help!

I started a sketch with 2 bitmap layers, but when I went to do line work with a vector layer (I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do), something happened with the brush tool. I drew my first line at 4 or 5 pixels, and it looked fine when I was drawing it, but when I lifted my pen off the pad tablet, the line transformed to 1 or 2 pixels! I tried switching the size of the brush, but the same thing happened. I saved my work and exited Pencil and tried again, but the stroke became thin again! I have worked with vector layers before, and this never happened before. Could this be because I deleted the vector layer the animation started with? Please help, I really don’t feel like starting over!

EDIT: I opened a new animation and tried the line and pen tool at different sizes and they all became thin! I even opened up an old animation that was working fine before and it was all changed! Please help me, I don’t want to have to redo all my work!

@CrayzeAnimation I’m afraid that the Vector tools are a work in progress right now. It’s not safe to use them in any version. From what you’re describing there was a bug related to the loss of thickness that was fixed in the latest versions of Pencil2D however it only applied to files that were created with really old files where the user lost the thickness.

Sadly I can only ask you to upload your file to a file sharing service like google drive, dropbox or and share the link here so a developer can take a look to see if it’s possible to help recover the pressure data.

Truth be told, right now I’m recommending anyone that wants to “clean-up” their animation with vectors to use Pencil2D for the rough animation stage (bitmap), and use Synfig ( for the clean up stage (vector).

Thank you for your quick reply! Please email me at and I will forward the animation to you. Again, thank you!

@CrayzeAnimation We have a global account to receive such inquiries privately, if you want email the file to

@CrayzeAnimation Hey, we received your file. Hmm so, I’m going to post two screenshots. One is how I’m seeing the lines right now and the scond one will be how the lines look when you activate the “show outlines only” button.

Is this how you were seeing the drawing?

Or is it like this?

“Show Outlines Only” [ON]

I was seeing the, “Show Outlines Only” version. Is there a button that I can press to disable this feature, or will it be removed in a future update?

Hi @CrayzeAnimation

You can disable it by clicking on this button

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Thank you! I’m still very new to Pencil2D and animation in general.

@CrayzeAnimation Did the last message solve your issue? If there’s anything else let us know.

Yes, thank you so much! I am so sorry if I wasted your time!

@CrayzeAnimation Don’t worry. Glad we could help :slight_smile: