Bleak colors when coloring

Hello! Maybe it’s something I have missunderstood but i feel it’s extremely annoying that when coloring a ‘cel’ in the bitmap layer beneath the line art layer then the colors are bleak and washed out so you have no idea what the result is before you switch over to the line art layer again. Please fix this or teach me how to do it right. :slight_smile:


I’ve never encountered this problem - I’ll see if I can reproduce it and let you know if there’s a fix ASAP :slight_smile:

Okay, I gave it a shot and I couldn’t replicate this, but I did find some other rendering bugs that might be related.

Are you using a build of the dev branch? That’s the most recently updated; it may be a bug that was already fixed.

I will have a try, and report back. Can you tell me where I find the latest builds for Windows. I tried searching this site and could only find 0.5.4 from (2014).

Manu, here is build that i am using, Pencil2d-dev-0.5.4b-win

I don’t believe there are any official builds of the latest dev version, but I can ask Matt if it’s okay if I upload my own