Ben Bailey (my stuff)

Here are a few rough scenes I did in Pencil 0.0.4b for a project of mine a few months back. This was right before my computer crashed and this is pretty much as far as I got and all I could salvage. I just got a new computer and Pencil2D so I am excited to finish it out. I still have a long way to go.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the performance of Pencil2D. The only glitch I ever really noticed on 0.0.4b was that if I ever used the move tool, sometimes it would make some sort of duplicate of the current frame on top of the other and I would have to erase the duplicate lines. That was using Mac OSX 10.4. Another thing that would happen often, is that after animating a lot and adding keyframes and such, the arrow keys would sometimes become unresponsive to flipping through frames. I would fix this by clicking back on the canvas and back onto the keyframe if I remember correctly. I’ll let you know if I encounter anything like that again.
Otherwise I have always loved this program. I have tried many alternatives but for some reason I keep coming back to Pencil every time. It really has something to do with the GUI. It is simple and clean.

The one thing I have noticed so far is that the pressure sensitivity with my Wacom Intuos 3 (model:PTZ-431W) doesn’t seem to be working. I have pressure checked on the pencil tool. Mac OSX 10.8.4. Would it be possible to get our computer specs to be able to show under our avatar for every post? Or can we have an option for sigs? I think that might be helpful.

Thank you everyone!

Hi @Ben,

I like what you have showed to us. It seems that you were using retropo, or something similar. Your lines are clean and you have very nice characters with volume and really nice expressions.

Nice to have your stuff here. Congratulations

Keep animating :slight_smile:

I searched the internet for “retropo” and it didn’t turn up anything animation related. Do you mean rotoscoping? I only used a Wacom tablet and Pencil 0.0.4b.

I like it a lot @ben_bailey and i can see what Kaiko mean…I was thinking the very same about it, the lines are just good enough to resemble rotoscoping .

Good job!

Thanks @ZZDas and @kaiko for viewing!

One of the things I have always loved the most about Pencil’s timeline over any other programs timeline is the ease of moving the keyframes. I love that you can have empty space between keyframes and it will just hold the frame during that and if it’s too much time then just pull the keyframe in. I hope Pencil never loses that kind of flexibility. It is wonderful!

yeah, I meant rotoscoping, sorry

Hi Ben Bailey,

I’m intrigued to see more of this project. Could you tell us a bit more about it? Whats the story?


Here is the first part of the storyboard that I should probably finish before I go any further on the animation.

It is really a retelling of the innocence and pain that I feel everyone has experienced in their first encounter with love. It is a weird and awkward dance that ultimately ends up changing people a great deal while also possibly devastating them. So in the instance of this short, the girl is in search of this boy whom she loves very much, but she has hurt his feelings immensely. The boy following her is the person she once knew and loved, but has forgotten. He has accompanied her to try and get her to remember who he is: the person she originally fell in love with. She doesn’t realize until the end that the two boys are one in the same. The person she is longing for has been with her all along. But they go through a cycle of making new memories together and then tearing them apart so that she can go in search for her ideal companion only to find out that is is the same boy over and over again. But it always ends in shambles leaving the boy heartbroken to wait for her return. It will be very surreal and very Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspired.

It really won’t be portrayed as sadly as it sounds, haha. The rest of the plots I have written are much happier! This one was just based on a short story I wrote in high school.

Thanks for your interest!


You know about talking and you certainly know about drawing!..

Your drawings kept my attention. You know how to do this thing, and that is a bless!

Keep your update coming. Very well done

@ben_bailey You did really great hopefully we can see it finished some time soon! keep up the great work :slight_smile: !