Audio won't play on newest night build

So, I just discovered this program this evening and I’m very pleasantly surprised to discover that it also has a helpful community! I’ve putz all night with previous versions and followed the recommended QT installation instructions. I managed to fix the audio playback issue in an earlier version of the program, but unfortunately that was a version with the ambiguous camera issue.
I dove down the rabbit hole to discover newer versions under “night builds” that have better, more define camera zones, but the audio is once again broken. I tried the most recent installation walk through for the QT files, but no cigar. I know this is a common issue, so I apologize for bringing it up. I’ve come so far tonight working through all of this and I’m so darn close to the end! I guess I just need a boost, haha. Thanks a bundle!

Side note; When you import audio, the source file that is used is completely taken from its original folder and only exists in the animation. That is to say if you were to close out of the animation without saving after importing, the audio is gone for good. At least for me anyway!

Thanks for such a great program, by the way. I can’t imagine it’s easy building something like this. I’m excited to see it continue to improve over time!


@skrobles Hey Jacob, thank you for your interest in the software. There are two parts of the issue you speak of. Indeed the audio problem has been around for quite some time, however the lead dev has promised us that he will be working on the top 3 most requested features which are the movie export, the sound layer and the translation switch to other languages as you can read here:

So now we’ll have to kind of wait for it. Now however the second issue is one I had encountered before but didn’t think people were still trying to use the audio when we explicitly said it’s not working yet, lol.

So yes, be careful for now since it seems that when you import an audio track it will actually delete the actual file once you close the program, which should not happen! yikes!

However, once the lead dev implements and fixes the sound import libraries and stuff for the upcoming version, if this problem continues to persist then we’ll have to file a proper report, for now it’s just difficult because the sound libraries are basically non-functional, hence the need to fix them, so it would be like crying wolf for now since it seems to be a by-product of how old and broken that function is.

I’m not a dev so I can’t help much with coding for now, but I understand so much about programming so If you have issues post them here for me to help, as well as on our Github issue tracker so all the active devs & subscribed users can get notified. Most of us are busy lately but the main devs promised to be back working on Pencil2D beginning June :smiley:

If I can help you with anything else you can tag me or any user by writing @username like I did at the beginning of this post. My username is morr, just in case.

Thank you for clearing this all up! :slight_smile: