Audio randomly shifting

I am not sure if this is fixable but the audio keeps playing different parts of it randomly when I press play, and it even happens when I play it from the beginning. If there is a way to fix this please let me know

@Pencil3d Hi. Unfortunately we discovered recently playback audio perception tends to lag the more frames and layers you have. This is what is directly affecting the way you listen to the audio and it appears at random because it also depends on how your computer can process the playback so the lag changes unpredictably.

Currently the only faithful representation of the imported audio occurs when scrubbing the sound or when exporting a movie. We recommend you to export videos at a lower resolution to preview the audio quickly or use the sound scrubbing feature to accurately tell where the audio is positioned in relation to the frames.

This is also not just a problem for Pencil2D though, most animation software have preview features like Toonboom Harmony, OpenToonz or TVPaint, however Pencil2D still is missing a real-time / pre-rendered preview feature.

For now there’s not much we can do except plan ahead and hopefully have such feature implemented in a future release.

Okay, thank you and let me just say how happy I am at response speed. You people must work so hard

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@Pencil3d We’re actually volunteers. We surely enjoy helping here :slightly_smiling_face: It does pain me a bit that I can’t help you further, but honestly just recently the app overcame a hurdle with sound issues, so hopefully we will improve from there.

If you have any other issue let us know and we’ll try to answer as soon as we’re able :+1:

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