Art streams for development donations?

I know that Pencil2D is running on low staff, and not much money. I can’t really donate to help. I also know that a lot of people don’t know about the program.

So has anyone thought about doing animation/general art streams to raise money for the program, and let more people know about it?

@fuzbrain Hey! Yeah well we were discussing about which steps to take next in order to improve the software, but that was last year… Art streams would be an interesting way but we would require both a proficient animator and Pencil2D user.

Also the program needs to be stable / usable enough to animate non-stop, without glitches or crashes. To test this I created a little christmas alien GIF while documenting which features would be the most needed features to use the software in the most efficient manner. I got a really long list of pending features lol.

So far Pencil2D is working great, it has a few gotchas but if we manage to solve those it would easily be able to become an instant favorite among many animators, even pros.

For now I think that I have to format my feature request list to see if there’s a way that we can solve those before version 0.7. The main problem is that Pencil2D has a bad rep among those who used it in the past. And it will take a while for people to realize the app is not the same as before.