Another Pencil Fork

Dear all,

I’m a pencil lover, and I start a new pencil fork last month

Currently I’m trying to simplified the program structure, the old code base is not well-organized, I believe it stop the growth of pencil, code is too complicated to add new features.

I will be appreciated if somebody could give me some feedback (features, bugs, etc…)



You can have a look at this forum for features requests but I guess this is not your main problem for now.

Here’s a few bugs/things I did notice when I did try your fork :

  1. antialiasing is not working well : I think it's OK when you don't zoom in or zoom out, but after that it does not work anymore.
  2. importing image sequence :First, importing my sequence did not work. But more important : as every image had an error while it was importing, I had almost 100 popups telling me that my image couldn't be imported. There should only be one popup for errors while importing image sequences.
  3. playing the scene :The scene should stop playing while we click the mouse on the timeline/canvas (no need to click the play button a second time)
  4. passe-partout :When clicking the camera layer, I can see a "passe-partout" that shows me the dimensions of the canvas. This passe-partout should always be visible, no matter which layer is active (at least with a low opacity). Also, I did try to set my comp to 1920x1080 and wasn't able to see it anymore, even while zooming out.

I’ll keep testing it !

Hi Gordie,

Thanks for your test, I have add these bugs to issue tracker!