hey, I was bored so I made this

also I am learning c++ and qt so one day I can contribute to this really great software


Really nice!

You can just import all of the exported pngs of the animations into blender. If you select all of pics at once and import them, they will be imported like it’s animated or something. (bad English. Sorry. :3)

Also, I would also like to help developing but one question to Matt (and others who know). What Qt version can I use? What version of Qt is used for this program?

I did not know about that thanks!

Qt 5.3 to be exact

wow! very cool!


Oh, I thought I need a different version. Also, I didn’t know that page exist. XD Thanks.

I’m also thinking about editing version 0.4.4b to a more stable version, 0.4.5. But its name will be Pencil2D. This will not become a fork. (Well, it’s kinda like a fork. But it’s pointless to fork it when we can just work with Matt’s project) So yeah, wondering what Qt version should I use for that? :confused:

(Also, on version 0.4.4, it said that it needs a Ming library 0.3.0 to help the program to export swf file. Not sure if Pencil2D also needs this library… this thread is gonna turn into this developing thread. XD)