All animations I did in Pencil2D

Hi, my name is Gustavo Liberdade from Portugal.
I’ve been using this software from the beginning and until today I haven’t found another one that fulfills my needs.
These are all the animations I made with Pencil2D.

I intend to continue to use this software which I consider to be the best for working in hand-drawn animation.
Hope you like it! Thank you.


These are all very nice, great work and thanks for sharing!

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@liberdade Gustavo thank you for sharing! this is excellent work and it is quite reassuring to hear that you enjoy using the software. For work like this is that we work, and we intend to keep working on the software as long as we can. We truly hope to see more of your excellent work! :smiley:

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For me, it’s the best software that is for this kind of animation. Really close to the hand-drawn in paper feeling.
Even with its little issues here and there, there’s no other like Pencil. I’ve been using it professionally and it never disappointed me.

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