A suspucious man walking

Hello! I was here a long time ago, but I’m a frequently using pencil. Now I’m trying to use the blender + pencil. I could do everything in blender, but I prefer the pencil workflow. This is the result https://youtu.be/wDeZHakqAWc The first clip is pencil and the second is blender.

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@Preguica2d Hey thanks for sharing! That looks nice :smiley: We want that people will be able to use Pencil2D along with other tools seamlessly in the near future, however right now you could definitely enhance your animation by using Blender.

In the next feature of Blender you’ll be able to “vectorize” image bitmaps and convert them to Grease Pencil objects. So potentially there could be a script made to automate that so Pencil2D frames can become Grease Pencil frames. It is a bit early to tell, but exciting possibilities are coming soon for most FOSS apps out there :smile:

@JoseMoreno thanks! I’m not sure how i could use it right now because I am using Blender in the cleaning phase and so on, also using the deform tool to animate the static parts. The problem is that vectorize, as far as my experience goes with that, require clean lines to work nicely and I don’t even do it in the final version :laughing:

But I’m definitely looking foward for new tools in Blender, Pencil2d and possible integrations!