A play button for a interval of the last frames

Traditional animator keep fliping the last papers to see the flow of the action, like this https://youtu.be/cHbA6lG79Eo?t=7m12s
I think this is more a strait ahead thing.
So, I would like to request a feature that allaw me to those a certan number of frames that i can play. Its like the interval play option, that i have to use right now, but you just choose how many x frames and than the last x frames are the ones that will be played. Probable would be better that insted of the frames, you choose the number of drawings, but that is with you guys., i think.
Also to complemet this feature, and is something that i think that shoud exist anyway, is when you play the play button and the animation stop, insted of the frame that you can draw now is the last one, shoud be the one that you was when you played the animation. In other words, if my animation have 20 frames, but i was fixing the draw of the frame 4, after i hit the play button, i shoud be back at frame 4, not on the frame 20, so i can continue editing the frame 4 if i need.

Hope that i got this english thing right, so you can understand me :slight_smile:

@Preguica2d Hi! Yes, actually there’s a similar feature planned, sort of a flipping / rolling feature like what TVPaint has.

I’ll make a formal separate request to incorporate the ideas you’ve mentioned, since I agree it’s important to come back to the original drawing that was being edited when the function is used and to be able to specify the playback between drawings and frames.

Right now there is a feature that allows you to onion skin between frames and drawings (the onion skin “diamond” button on the timeline) so this code would be used to help with that.

@JoseMoreno Thanks! Is great to know that! Also, finally i get for what is this diamond button!

@Preguica2d Haha, for sure, hopefully we can make it more obvious in the future. Just in case you want to review the proposal here’s the link. If you have anything to add let me know so I can edit it. thank you for your interest in the software!

Oh, may be something. I dont know if it can be part of this request, but, right now if i play de animation it goes on until the end of the last frame incluind all layers, incluind the invisible ones. Its a little inconvinient, specialy now that when the animation stop you dont go back to your previous drawing. I think that make the play button ignore invisible layers shoud be enough, specialy with the other features already requested.

@Preguica2d Alright I’ll note that idea down to discuss it with the developers. I agree it’s a bit un-intuitive to have the playback extend to frames that are located in invisible layers, particularly if you are purposefully hiding them so their frames are not included in the playback.

For the moment the workaround I can propose would be to use the Range function to include all the frames you want to preview up to the frame you want and work around that :slight_smile: