A cat animation (Pencil + Maya)

I really like doing quick animations that take about half a day, and I like mixing 2D and 3D… so I made this cat



I was making other stuff but Pencil crashed after 2 hours of non-saved work, got frustrated and left… maybe I´ll try again tomorrow

(Feedbak hint: I would REALLY like the onion skin feature to have the option of showing the past frame in bright red and the following frame in bright blue.

Also I would like the option of changing the color of a selected pencil or brush stroke or strokes… kinda like in Flash)

I really like the simplicity of this program, but I cant wait for some updates as it is kind of hard to get used to and frustrating the constant crashing… still it is a good program

Very nice indeed !

We all hope for Pencil2D to improve, and with all the interest around it I hope this will be possible.
The real problem is that it’s difficult to involve developers in this project.
Regarding the onion skin feature, here was my “request” topic about it.