A bunch of errors

First error is qt5multimedia could not be found, Second is qt5widgets could not be found, Third error is qt5gui could not be found, The last error is qt5xml could not be found. So, because of all those errors it is impossible for me to enter it. Also, I looked through the files and all of them were found. I also did both 32 and 64 bit and I’m currently on windows.

Hi @zed
It’s a common error message when users don’t unzip the file after downloading. So please unzip it.

It’s on the TroubleShooting section though

@zed Along what chchwy suggested, please try the solution outlined in the following post:

If none of it works please write on this thread again to continue troubleshooting the support case.

I unzipped it and it still was like that, actually that’s the first thing I did.