2 file formats


on Github i have sent a pull request to propose Pencil using 2 file formats:

  1. old simple file format,
  2. new zipped file format

this version I compiled only on Linux,

on Windows I can build the source, but built apllication crashes at start.

I included QuaZip library - i have done it in a little different way then Matt has done it in branch “feature/zipped-file-format” - maybe this is the reason why I cannot build it on Windows successfully.


I also corrected one “FIXME” issue in the code:

in “src/interface/mainwindow2.cpp” at th end of MainWindow2::openObject there is such a code:

//FIXME: need to free the old object. but delete object will crash app, don’t know why.
m_object = newObject;

I think it can be replaced by this code:

Object* objectToDelete = m_object;
m_object = newObject;
delete objectToDelete;


Still I don’t know if it is right solution…