[Request] Pixel brush and eraser


In the stable version of Pencil2D, turning off antialiasing turns the pencil tool into a pixel brush, but the nightly version does not do that. I’d like a dedicated pixel brush tool.


@spark Nick weren’t you working on a pixel brush switch for Pencil2D? did you manage to complete it? Also this user has an interesting request for a pattern bucket fill for dithering ( http://www.pencil2d.org/forums/topic/request-pattern-fill/ ), what do you think about that?



Yeah, I did - It’s already been added, you just toggle the feathering off - it only works for the brush, or at least that’s how it worked when I added the feature. Unless someone’s removed it, it should still work. I’ll check to make sure nothing’s changed.

And as for the pattern bucket fill, it’s a good idea but I’m not quite sure how to do it. I’ll try and figure something out.


I didn’t realize the brush tool could do it with feathering turned down, sorry.
I was used to using the pencil tool