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I’ve recently read about the 2D animation package called 'pencil’I’ve tried to install this from the pencil Download but this deb seems to be for Ubuntu installs only. There appears to be dependency issues when trying to install in LMDE.Does anyone know of a way of running Pencil on LMDE?

Please help.

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@Robinson Hi. for linux users Pencil2D has a portable solution called an “appimage”. To download the latest official version please navigate to and select “linux”.

Once you’ve downloaded the appimage executable file, you have to explicitly set the permissions for that file. To do that right click on the file > go to properties > permissions tab > and tick the checkbox [x] Allow executing file as program. Then you can run the file by double clicking on it. No need to install!

If there is any doubt here’s an in-depth guide on the same procedure: