My First Cartoon Test

(manu) #41

Here’s the result of my latest project. I decided to do all the line work with Pencil2D because that is what feels best to draw with. I did the coloring in Krita though, but the coloring wasn’t so advanced so I think I could have managed with Pencil too but because I had so little time to finnish it I settled with Krita just to be safe that I could get it ready in time.

And by the way, Merry Christmas to all of you here!

(manu) #42

Just a recording, testing out newest Pencil2D.
Happy New Year!

(feeef) #43

Well done @manu!

It is so motivating for the developers to see such great artwork made with Pencil! :slight_smile:

(manu) #44

I know this is just rough but …
At last Pencil2D right on my Surface Pro and with working pressure sensitivity too !!! How I waited for this, right back to animating after a slow 1,5 years :smiley:

Thank you so much alll developers and helpful people on here !!!

(manu) #45

More finished version, next some background to add and water ripples.

Added lots of frames, not yet finished.

On to another scene

(kaiko) #46

So you are back Manu.

Glad to see your animations again!

(and your site is very nice. Nice new animations too, well at least the ones I first saw there)

(manu) #47

Thanks Kaiko, yes I’m back. :slight_smile: Thank you for appreciating my work.

I had to go away for a while due to something happening in my family, I don’t want to take that into discussion but it’s those things that happen in life and in every family sooner or later and you’ve always been prepared for it but nevertheless when it makes one be sad and my inspiration to do anything productive just disappeared for more than a year.

But now I’m kind of moved on and I was happy to see that meanwhile you lot had developed Pencil2D even further and made really huge leaps IMHO, so I could not resist to pick up Pencil2D again and thought I’d continue my project. I must say I feel truly inspired due to the fact that I also can use my Surface pro with pressure sensitivity so I don’t need my Wacom Bamboo anymore, a huge step forward for me. That’s the only right way to draw, a tablet like the Wacom Bamboo is fine but drawing right on the screen is unbeatable.

So here I’ll share my next scene from “that project”.