Internal Error, can't save for the 3rd time



OK, this is getting ridiculous. At least it’s a different error this time.


strFileName = C:/Users/Melody Mist/Animations/All Eyes On Me Meme (First Animation Take 3).pclx
strTempWorkingFolder = C:/Users/Melody Mist/AppData/Local/Temp/Pencil2D/All Eyes On Me Meme (First Animation Take 3).Y2xD/
layerCount = 4
layer[0] = Layer[id=1, name=Camera Layer, type=5]
layer[1] = Layer[id=4, name=Sound Layer, type=4]
layer[2] = Layer[id=5, name=Lyrics, type=1]
layer[3] = Layer[id=3, name=Simple Animatic, type=1]

Error Display
Title: Internal Error
Description: An internal error occurred. Your file may not be saved successfully.

System Info
Pencil version:
Build ABI: x86_64-little_endian-llp64
Kernel: winnt 10.0.16299
Product name: Windows 10 (10.0)


@chchwy @CandyFace can you guys please check this out?

@MelodyAnimations I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for a developer to come help regarding this issue.

Now, since you’ve had all of these issues for the past months, please allow me to come up with a suggestion. As I’m thinking of your well being while I suggest the following, why not consider using a different program than Pencil2D to animate for the time being? I hear Tupi ( is relatively easy and it even has a mobile device version for kids, so it should be super easy to pick up. And If you want better drawing capabilities that what Pencil2D can currently offer you can go for Krita ( Both allow you to animate, and are definitely more stable, so you shouldn’t be losing your work as much as you are with Pencil2D.

As for commercial programs, you could also try an older version of Macromedia Flash, as I’ve heard there’s one you can get for free without issue. Here’s a youtube video where the presenter explains the procedure:

Bear in mind though that even commercial software is prone to crashing and getting your work lost. So you still have to backup like crazy even if you pay up.