Difficulty with Tablet



I’m not sure if I’m running into a bug or I’m just “doing it wrong”. I’m new to Pencil2D. This problem occurs with the latest Pencil2D 0.6 on Mac OS X.

I can easily draw a circle on a single frame with a mouse. Now I’m trying to use a HUION H420 tablet, with the latest drivers installed.

All of this is with the “pencil” tool.

When I draw with the tablet I get this fairly weird behavior. I attempt to draw a circle and a set of thick straight lines get drawn. At the same time at a much slower pace a lighter version of the circle that I’m trying to draw appears. This lags many seconds behind the cursor movement. I’m a novice both with a tablet and with Pencil2D so there are any number of things I could be doing wrong. Any hints, pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Hey @kfieldho

Sorry to hear that. Definitely something went wrong and we are willing to fix it. But we need you to give us more clues so that we can work on it.

Did it happen only with Pencil tool? how about Pen tool and Brush tool?
Will you be able to give a screen recording? You can simply do it with QuickTime, Go to File->New Screen Recording, and then upload it to Youtube or somewhere else. We can see what actually happened. Thanks.


I believe pencil and brush tool I didn’t try the Pen I don’t think, I’ll confirm tonight when I’m back at my system. I’ll also capture and upload a video of the behavior then as well.


I’ve posted a video of the behavior on YouTube at


I can confirm (and the video shows) that the behavior shows up with Pencil, Brush and Pen tools.

I hope we can figure this out. The more I look at the software the more it seems like exactly what I want. A chance (as a complete non-artist – see my circles in the video) to play around with hand drawn animation.

Let me know if there is anything I can do. I’ve been a Mac developer in the moderately distant past, if that helps.

Thanks again,



Hi @kfieldho

Would you mind telling which version of Mac OS you’re using, the lag issue looks familiar to something we’ve experienced before. It’s acting pretty weird though, drawing two different lines too… hmm.

I can’t reproduce the behaviour on Mac OS Sierra.